If you operate a weighbridge you are already familiar with the problems associated with manual processes and outdated technology.    Often the weighbridge is located some distance away from the manufacturing processes making it harder to manage.

The cost of a faulty weighbridge system is significant.    A weighbridge is a critical control point in most manufacturing processes and must work 100% reliably.  Any losses can mount up – they will result from inaccurate or incomplete transactions, fraud,  loss and shrinkage.

An investment in a good weighbridge solution will pay off quickly by improving accuracy of information, reducing costs and preventing losses.




Introducing ScaleABILITY


ScaleABILITY is a modern weigh-bridge management system, based on new technology and the latest automation techniques.   The system is very flexible and proven in difficult regions.  To support the system Adapt IT provides a complete managed support service that operates around the clock.

ScaleABILITY has a 15-year pedigree, backed by Adapt IT’s wealth of experience in the field of weighbridge automation and bulk materials supply chain.

Every year, ScaleABILITY securely manages 9 million tonnes of material over road and rail weighbridges throughout Africa.




ScaleABILITY is designed for


  • Sugar, agriculture and agro-processing
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation and energy
  • Agriculture, agro-processing
  • Food and beverage
  • Warehousing and logistics companies
  • Third party logistics service providers 

ScaleABILITY  has been extensively tested and proven where reliable network connectivity can be a problem.   The user friendly design of the system makes it quick to learn without special computer skills.

Flexible and Integrated


ScaleABILITY is highly configurable, allowing you to capture the required data for a wide range of raw materials and finished product transactions. Given the high risk of fraud associated with weighbridges, our solution includes sophisticated exception handling and configuration management, with automated processes to minimise operator inputs.

Providing careful scrutiny over this process with business rules, an extensive audit trail and integration with physical equipment such as weighing equipment, cameras, booms, traffic lights, vehicle recognition equipment and infrared positioning beams.

The transactional data and associated exceptions are immediately reported to the appropriate stakeholders for different categories of goods. This allows for efficient and accurate monitoring of deliveries.


ScaleABILITY Dashboard

Business Benefits

  • Security of product and data
  • Reduced waste and early detection / response to fraud
  • Reduced errors and improved accuracy of transactions
  • Improved visibility, timeous, real-time  reporting
  • Fast response to exceptions and non-conformances
  • Improved operational productivity
  • Easily configurable to suit your business requirements
  • Integrated with your other software improving information management
ScaleABILITY Dashboard 3

The easy to use ScaleABILITY Desktop provides quick access to the various system features.


ScaleABILITY is a modern software solution designed for organisations that need to automate and manage bulk material transfers over weighbridges. ScaleABILITY improves the efficiency, security and accuracy of weighbridge operations and transactions. The result is fewer data processing errors, reduced loss and better overall logistics.

ScaleABILITY is developed and supported by Adapt IT, a leader in the ICT market employing over 1000 technology professionals and servicing more than 10000 customers in 40 countries.