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Does ScaleABILITY include the physical scales and other equipment?

ScaleABILITY is a software solution designed to work with most scales and other physical equipment.  These are selected based on criteria set by the customer, considering the environmental conditions and the availability of localised support in the specific country.

Adapt IT can recommend on the selection of the best equipment for your application.   We have a number of partners that specialise in these applications.


What does a typical project look like?

Each project will depend on the customer requirements and details of the specific equipment used and site information.

Our projects follow a proven methodology that includes requirements analysis, design, configuration/build, testing, deployment and support.

The project deliverables include the ScaleABILITY system installed on site,  all necessary integrations into hardware and third party systems, documentation, training and customisation of reports.

To get started we will work with your team in developing the business case and requirements, determining the scope, assisting with stakeholder engagement, developing the project charter and other related project management services until go-live.


How do you operate an automated weighbridge remotely?

ScaleABILITY is designed to use transponders, cameras and marshalling equipment to achieve the goal of a fully automated weighbridge solution.   This entire system can therefore be remotely managed.  On-site presence is only required to handle occasional exceptions and to perform maintenance.

What happens when there is no network?

ScaleABILITY is specially designed to work where network connectivity is intermittent.  Should the network fail the system will continue to process transactions normally.  When the network is restored the data is synchronised to the external systems.

There is therefore no downtime!

This makes ScaleABILITY particularly suited for environments where network connectivity is unreliable.

What is the underlying database technology?

ScaleABILITY is built using an Oracle database.  The data is easily accessed using standard technologies to integrate into external systems.

A SQL Server version is in the planning stages.

What support options are there?

After go-live we provide various remote support options including a complete 24X7 service.  Our service desk is available to support end users.   Proactive monitoring services are also offered, including system status, health checks, database management, interface management, transaction monitoring and more.

We also offer a remote business process outsourcing option whereby we will manage your weighbridge transactions for you, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.  For more information on this option please speak to our team.


What experience do you have in Africa?

We have implemented ScaleABILITY in several African countries where outsourced 24X7 remote support is a requirement.  In some of these countries network infrastructure is limited requiring the ability to continue to operate the weighbridge even when the network fails.


Where else can you provide remote support?

Adapt IT provides remote support for ScaleABILITY around the world.  Our full managed service offering is customised for customers on the African continent.  In other countries we work with regional partners.   Please contact our team for more details.


Is ScaleABILITY part of Adapt IT's CaneLAB product?

ScaleABILITY is a complete rewrite of CaneLAB’s weighbridge system.   ScaleABILITY incorporates all of the experience and functionality of CaneLAB’s weighbridge, with the added advantage that it can be implemented as a standalone product.  Several additional features have already been added (and will continue to be added) to ScaleABILITY in response to evolving requirements from our weighbridge customers.

Please contact our team for more details.



ScaleABILITY is a modern software solution designed for organisations that need to automate and manage bulk material transfers over weighbridges. ScaleABILITY improves the efficiency, security and accuracy of weighbridge operations and transactions. The result is fewer data processing errors, reduced loss and better overall logistics.

ScaleABILITY is developed and supported by Adapt IT, a leader in the ICT market employing over 1000 technology professionals and servicing more than 10000 customers in 40 countries.